How Much Line To Put on a Spinning Reel

While fishing, it might become difficult to put or cast line in your spinning reel. Actually, how much line you should put totally depends on what type of fishing reel you are using right now. Also, it depends on your fishing situation. 

If you use a small amount of line you might face some difficulty. On the other hand, casting too much fishing line might turn your spool into a Neptune knot. 

Finally, it becomes very confusing to know how much line is generally needed for a spinning reel. As a result, many questions arise among many of us about how much line to put on a spinning reel. 

So, in this article, we will discuss this important topic. So, stay with us and put a perfect line to your spinning reel before fishing. 

How Much Line To Put on a Spinning Reel

Types of Line

There are many types of fishing lines present and you can use any of them. But if you want a perfect and exact fill and want to avoid wind knots, then using braided fishing can be a better choice. 

Besides, monofilament or monoline can also be used. But there are differences between monofilament and braided fishing line. Though mono line is comparatively cheaper, but it is very easy to go wrong with it. 

So it is always suggested to use braided fishing line as it is much thinner. Another important fact is braided fishing line is very long-lasting and it does not stretch either. 

Line Amount

The amount of line may vary from reel to reel. Basically, it depends on your situation and spinning reel. There are several types of fishing line. In simple words, the line strength depends on the weight of the fish you want to catch.

For instance, if you are going to catch a 20-pound fish approximately, then you must use a line with a 20-pound test. 

But always keep in mind that the higher the pound is, the more it will be thicker. So, if you are trying to get a stronger line, then there is a possibility of making the line thicker. 

In the beginning, you can give a try to a low-cost fishing line. Gradually, you may use an expensive line that goes with your spinning reel perfectly. 

Line Amount for Various Fishing

If you like to catch fish in freshwater, then you can go around the 2-4-pound test line. In this case, you can also try mono-line fishing. 

If you love to catch fish near shore, then you should use at least the above 6-pound test. Moreover, when you are going to try bottom fishing, then increase the line strength to some extent. 

And if you go for offshore fishing, then you should increase the line test up to 20 pounds. 

So, all the fishing line and amount of strength depend on what purpose you are using for. You need to increase or decrease the line and strength to some degree depending on your fishing situation.


Therefore, we hope that you’ve got some idea of how to manage your fishing line depending on your fishing. If you are not experienced enough, then you shouldn’t go with an expensive fishing line.

In addition, you must know how to replace any broken line from the reel. You also need to remember that you should regularly maintain your fishing gear thoroughly. Because it will make your fishing line long-lasting. 

Hence, get the perfect amount of line in your spinning reel and enhance your happiness and comfort in the water.

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