7 Best Solar Filter for Telescope: Reviews and Buying Guide

As you know people own a telescope for surveying the night sky or territory phenomenon. Yet, when it comes to gazing the most exclusive sun viewing then thing began to difficult. Observing the sun or stellar bodies at the day time unconditionally requires the best solar filter for a telescope.

Then where is the obstacle? Let’s see.

More or less, we all know the suns ray can harm your eyes and lead you to the blindness, without proper surveying protection. Rather at the same time, it can bring a great disaster to your telescope aperture and reduce device longevity.

Now, what to do? Of course, there is a good solution, solar filter.

You know you must need solar filter protection if you are eager to penetrate the sun secret and want to enjoy the moment. And we are here to help you to find out the telescope solar filter.

As we’ve already sorted out a few awesome telescope solar filters and made an ideal guideline that helps you in your way of investment. Let’s look at what we have arranged for you in the below section.

Our Pick 7 Best Solar Filter for Telescope Reviews

For making the list of best solar filters for telescope, we tested almost 65 products, analyzed 200+ negative and positive reviews,  and many more. Not only that, as we know, many telescope owners don’t have the ability to invest a large amount on telescope solar filter, so we have included all sorts of the price range.

In case, every sort of person can afford according to their budget. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with our first pick.

Quick Comparison Table

Product Name Size Weight
Astromania Deluxe Solar Filter
  • 9 x 1.1 x 7.5 inches
  • 7.2 ounces
Orion 05662 1.25-Inch 13 Percent
  • 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.2 inches
  • 0.16 ounces
Roll Over Image to Zoom in Celestron
  • 5.4 x 5.2 x 1.6 inches
  • 0.96 ounces
Meade Instruments Series 4000
  • 6 x 4 x 4 inches
  • 0.8 ounces
SolarLite Solar Filter for Telescope
  • 10.7 x 10.4 x 2.3 inches
  • 11.7 ounces
Celestron 94244 Enhance
  • 9.8 x 9.8 x 2 inches
  • 4 ounces
Deluxe Metal Adjustable 66-94
  • 9.1 x 7.1 x 2.4 inches
  • 0.32 ounces

1. Astromania Deluxe Solar Filter 120mm Adjustable Metal Cap for Telescope

The very first model we have taken from the popular range also is known as Astromanai. It is the incredibly finest piece of a solar filter at the term of viewing the sun elegance. The device is itself a complete package for your telescope that bears outer diameter from 90mm to 112mm.

The filter is thoroughly designed to perfectly fit in optical tubes. Although we have presented the particular one but there is numerous diameter option from which you can take according to your need. However, for the material, the manufacturer has used high-quality polymer film along with the ion-deposited coating.

This build up not only prevents harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation. At the same time, it works for providing a clear, bright and exact image. Besides, the solar filter is conformed ISO 12312-2:2015, means it is totally secure for use.

You can unconditionally make a try to the solar filter as it comes in the medium price range. In addition, it comes in fully assemble anodized aluminum mounting that enables you reach to the sun just you out the solar filer from the package.


  • Have three clamping screws for ensuring a perfect fit
  • Included protective cap for reducing telescope damage
  • The larger filter provides an ultimate clear image


  • It has a tendency to get scratched quickly

2. Orion 05662 1.25-Inch 13 Percent Transmission Moon Filter (Black)

Forwarding to the 2nd model we have chosen none other but the famous brand of solar filter namely Orion. The selected model is also known as Orion 05662 which is another budget-friendly option on our list.

Unlike the previous model, this one is varied in design and size. It is especially scheming for big apertures like 6 inches and larger. Yes, this metal filter cell very efficiently fit your 1.5-inch barrel telescope eyepiece.

Besides, it comes with 13% transmission that works for providing a large, clear and fantastic lunar image. Moreover, the filter blocks 75% of light that again maintains the largest contrast and gives exact details of the moon and other selected object.

Plus, it is completely neutral in a color that would not reflect the natural color of your viewing phenomenon.

Actually, this solar filter mainly works for lunar viewing, means moon observation on the night sky. If you want to take it for sun gazing, then first contact with the suppliers.


  • Fit with large aperture size telescope
  • Provide exactly nature image color
  • Block unwanted light gathering


  • Might not fit for gazing sun body

3. Roll over Image to zoom in Celestron EclipSmart 94221 Solar Filter

Just like the Orion, the next model we have taken from another popular brand recognizes as Celestron. Without this brand, the solar filter listed here will remain incomplete undoubtedly. In fact, this is another great solar filter for the telescope which is the most inexpensive option in our list.

But inexpensive doesn’t mean less in quality. The solar filter is perfectly designed with black color coating along with three nylon safety screw. This setting helps to fit the filter on the telescope perfectly and assure security.

Beyond the design, the manufacturer used the latest filtration technology for their device. These filtration materials prevent harmful radiance, including IR and UV light. Likewise, this filter mostly provides 99.99% of intense visible light in order to provide a super clear, bright and harmless image.

Celestron EclipSmart 94221 is independently tested by SAI Global Assurance Service. So you can estimate the quality of the product. In fact, it is less in price. Then why not you make a try on it?


  • Allow direct observation of the sun
  • Very inexpensive
  • Tested by SAI Global Assurance Service


  • Does not fit with all sort telescope( before buying contact with the seller)

4. Meade Instruments Series 4000 Moon Filter: ND96

To make the list fulfill with all sort of solar filter, we have included moon filter namely, Moon filter: ND96. The model is taken from well-reputed brand called Meade. However, the device we have presented here bears few ingenious features as the rest of 3 on our list has yet to offer.

Similar to the Orion 05662, the mentioned model is also design for big apertures of 4 inches and larger. Besides, it has a 13-percent transmission that ensures the image quality and provides a clear and bright image.

And the most noticeable feature of the filter is it can divide the nearest double stars if the brightness level does not match properly. Even more, the natural density of the device maintains the entire visual spectrum and helps to get rid of glare and irradiation.

This particular solar filter has those entire things that a solar filter should have. Clearly speaking, a user can collect it for just gazing night sky or for serious researches or getting an unlimited experience of star-shooter.


  • Ideal for larger apertures telescope
  • Control brightness effectively
  • Can be used for professional purpose


  • Might not work great for suns observation( not sure)

5. SolarLite Solar Filter for Telescope

As our words, we have included both higher and lower price range product on the list. Consequently the next one is the most expensive solar filter we have chosen to present and there is an obvious reason behind.

Well, the selected model comes from super famous brand Thousand Oaks Optical. It is a brand that is used by Research Company like National Geography, NASA, television stations and maximum professional area.

The filter builds up into 236mm/9.312 diameters along with friction technology for perfect fitting. Apart from that, for the material, the manufacturer used impregnated polymer. These settings do not produce white light image rather offer natural yellow-orange appearance without any harm to the user’s eyes.

In addition, it bears lightweight, not requires any additional setting, not breaks in time, and even has not got any wrinkle and creases.

Very frankly speaking, if budget is not your concern, then you can take the solar filter without any second thought. It has all the features that you might imagine a solar filter could have.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Great fitting without additional screw setup
  • Provide an exact natural image


  • Much expensive

6. Celestron 94244 Enhance Your Viewing Experience Telescope Filter

We can’t resist ourselves to put another Celestron brand filter on the list. It has a feature which is difficult to ignore when you are looking for some medium range solar filter. Yes, it is another excellent creation of the company that offers the latest factor.

Just like the Thousand Oaks Optical, the particular one also has 8” size and is made by American paper optics that is from among of those suppliers recommend by NASA. Again, it comes with two Velcro straps and four self-adhesive for proper fitting and preventing unwanted fall down.

In the case of material, the manufacturer has included ISO compliant that totally protect user eyes at the time of sun and other objects viewing. In fact, like an expensive model, it provides a natural yellow color luminous and perfect image.

When you want natural color image quality but at the same time on a budget, then this can be your perfect match. Though it offers a medium price tag but this one bears all expensive latest features.


  • Build in the USA by American paper optics
  • Have a lens cap for a perfect fit
  • Can be used for professional observation


  • Bit of tight fit ( be careful )

7. Deluxe Metal Adjustable 66-94 mm Inside Diameter Solar Filter

After introducing two high and medium range solar filters, we again back with reasonable price device. The 7th number model we have collected from SOLOMARK brand. This one is also known as Deluxe Metal Adjustable 66-94 mm solar filter.

Unlike the Celestron 94244 Enhance and Thousand Oaks Optical, this device offers a white light filter. It even comes with the diameter of 66 to 94 mm that appear in the nice soothing color coating.

It is made of German-made Baader Astro solar safety film that works for preventing streaks, blisters and provides delightful and neutral light.

Even more, having 3 screws for proper fitting, it is made of for big 5 inches aperture telescope. Plus, it comes with a plastic bag that keeps the filter save from moisture and dirt.

This is a common sort of solar filter for the telescope that is generally used for enjoying sun or moon anomaly. Bit if you want to use it for professional use, then you might not get exact results.


  • Offer user neutral color image
  • Budget-friendly option
  • German- made Baader


  • Sometimes the screw got loose

The Thing You Need to Consider Before Buying a Solar Filter for Telescope 

In spite of included top 7 solar filters in the upper section, we have made a guideline for you. No matter which filters you choose for your telescope, but you need to find out whether it will be appropriate for your device or not.

And to come to know all of these proven factors, keep your eye on these considerable factors that you have to check before the final approach.

Diameter and size of the filter

The first thing you need to find out about your selected device is its size and diameter. So before layout for buying, measure your existing telescope eyepiece and then selects the solar filter. If you do not measure the telescope size and the solar filter size, then there is a possibility you invest in the wrong device.

Types of filter

The next important thing which you should have to consider before buying is the types of filter. Generally, few sorts of telescope filters at present days available in the mart. Among them, the most common names are- solar filter, a moon filter, light pollution reduction filter, chromic aberration filter, deep sky filter, and more.

In case that, very first you need to sort out for which reason you need a filter and which type of filter meets your need!


Price makes a great deal in every type of thing you desire to own. And there is no exception in the manner of solar filter. We advise you if you need the device just for occasional use or you are a beginner, then you should not invest high on the device.

But if you need a professional filter or you want to learn astronomy, then you need to buy products with medium to the high price tag. And the selected one must have all the latest features and able to provide an actual image.

Final Words

In the end, I must say you can pick any of the solar filters of our list with confidence. You know it depends on you which filter you actually need for your motive.

Our job is to acknowledge you about the entire matter and the best solar filter for a telescope that is now available in the mart. And we have done our part, right? Now it’s your turn to get one as your requirement.

We hope you’ve already found your one from our above mention list and directly from here layout for shopping. Best of luck!

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