How To Careful When You Booking Hotel In Online

Nowadays the technological development in the field of internet service has increased a lot. According to research and study, almost every business relies on it. The hospitality field is not an exception. Getting the best hotel manually after reaching the destination is an expensive, tedious and exhausting task.

 But today the online hotel booking service changed everything. However, you need to be a little careful when it comes to choosing the best online hotel booking site. Though it has lots of benefits to book a hotel online it has some disadvantage too. 

One of the downsides is that you don’t know the hotel is fully booked or not. On the other hand, there are some potential problems and scams that you need to aware when it comes to booking a hotel online. So read this article before booking a hotel online.  Throughout the entire post, we will go through how to careful when you are booking a hotel online.

Note: Mike Tanenbaum (An employee of cybersecurity problems for insurance company Chubb, “online hotel booking scams are a significant issue in the hospitality site nowadays.”

How to care about booking a hotel online:

  1. Getting the best hotel in online:

Nowadays getting the best hotel in online in the quite challenging and troublesome task. First of all, you should go through a trustworthy website. You need to check the age of the site using a domain age test tool to trust a company or website.

This is a useful tool that enables you to input the name of the website, and you will instantly be given the date that a site was registered fast. Online holiday businesses come & go, and if the site name looks to have been registered within the last year, then it is perhaps best avoiding.

Another quick way to test the credibility of a site is to visit your popular search engine. Make a quick check on the first two pages of results to see the negative comments about them.

  1. Contact details:

You need to make a quick check to see the contact details of the hotel websites that you have found.  If the website link doesn’t show an email address, phone number, then it implies this website doesn’t want to be contactable. If you find any issue or problem, how can you call the site? Do yourself support & keep away from the places that offer no contact details.   

  1. Be realistic:

Be aware, if a website provides accommodation with low costs or huge discounts. Keep in mind that, if it goes too good to be true, it commonly is.

  1. Research the hotel:

You should get the owners full contact information including their hotel address, phone numbers & email address before you part with any money for deposits. Once you get the address for the hotel, it is worth inquiring that the hotel address websites actually lives, using Google maps.

Also, it is good to do some research using the website’s name & address if this returns some bad experiences or negative PR from former clients. Request to have some testimonials from previous clients, and calling them immediately should give you some extra comfort.

  1. Keep records:

Before your booking hotel online keeps a copy of all email & telephone agreement with the owner including a declaration for any payment founded by the owner. Also, you need to ask for a receipt from the owner for any payment founded to them & keep copies for your records.

  1. Hotel Insurance:

The most hotel insurance company doesn’t cover cheat. So in case you have been caught out by a worthless scam then it is obvious that you will be left on your own to regain the cash.  Check with your recent insurance company what your insurance covers to save yourself.

You will find some travel insurance company that does cover cheat, mostly in conditions where clients have booked a hotel that is misreported or doesn’t exist indeed. It is advantageous to take time to have a company that covers this before you book your hotel.

  1. Payment:

It is preferable to pay your bill by credit card, debit card, and PayPal, as many card companies do give the type of protection. Check what your card supplier covers indeed. Also, some online hotel booking sites allow you to pay at the hotel if you don’t have online payment system.

  1. Refundable Deposits:

When booking the hotel online, ensure you are happy with the total of deposit being asked for and have a contract on how fast the money will be returned. Also, it is a better concept to take some images before you exit the hotel, and request that the owners’ representative checks & consents with you in writing that the hotel has been left in a good position (with no breakages).


You will get thousands of web pages at the click of your mouse. Finding the best website for booking hotel online can definitely save your time & money. Now thanks to the online, getting the best site easier than it has ever been.

Most people have been booking hotels online for many years & experience no issues whatsoever. You just need to be a little careful and never leave your brains on the plane. We hope after reading this article, you will know how to careful when you are booking a hotel online.

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