The Best Way to Pack a Suitcase for Long Travel

Choose the appropriate size for the suitcase and then follow these recommendations so that everything fits and nothing is missing. It may sound simple, but packing is actually a science with rules that many travelers have learned the hard way after traveling thousands of miles. Packing strategically can make the difference between having a vacation with constant interruptions to the pharmacy and a vacation where everything you need is directly within reach. This is our simplified method so that everything stays in your suitcase in the most efficient and effective way.

What Size Suitcase Do You Need?

Before deciding on the suitcase size, or the number of suitcases you will travel with, you need to consider the following:

Check the luggage policies of the airline with which you are going to travel since they define the maximum dimensions and weights for carry-on luggage.

It is incredible that despite the fact that commercial flights have existed for more than 100 years (1914), it has not been possible to standardize the measures and weights with which travel is allowed.

Also, if you will have a flight with stopovers in which more than one airline participates, you must take into account the one that has the strictest standards.

Weigh your luggage before traveling to make sure you don’t pay overweight.

Remember to check if your plane ticket includes pilot luggage or you will have to pay an extra price. Keep in mind that low-cost airlines do not include luggage to check-in at their cheapest fare, while some airlines do not even include hand luggage.

Depending on your travel budget, you may decide to minimize the amount of luggage and travel with only hand luggage.

It is true that the duration of your trip and the weather will influence the amount of luggage you will carry but later you will learn some tricks that will help you save space in your suitcase.

Another point to consider is if you are traveling with a suitcase or a backpack.

1. The Bigger Your Suitcase, The More You Will Fill It

The easiest way to avoid carrying too much is to buy a hard-covered suitcase, no more than 56 centimeters high (because it can work as hand luggage), with a structured casing so you don’t end up forcing more things.

2. Count The Clothes

If you require a concept to enhance your wardrobe option, usage policy 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for week journeys. You can limit on your own to no more than 5 sets of underwear as well as socks, 3 bottoms, 4 tops, a hat and 2 sets of shoes. Readjust the listing to your demands. You can also pack a swimsuit and a sports apparel attire dress with a coat if you need them.

3. Present What You Want That is Required and Go Removing

“Reconsider every little thing you want to put in your luggage,” said Ben Nickel-D’ Andrea, that creates No More Train! A blog site regarding her fabulous flights with her husband, Jon Nickel-D’Andrea. This professional vacationer couple when spent nine days in Morocco with only carry-on baggage and backpacks. “Eliminate the ‘simply in case’ group totally,” he stated. “If you ever require it, after that you can buy it.”

4. Use The Tetris Style

The best way to fit whatever right into one luggage is to fill full of room. For example, shoes need to include pairs of socks. After that prepare your shoes, with the heels spliced with the suggestions, under the luggage.

The specific means to organize whatever in your suitcase is a matter of individual choice. Right here are some preferred strategies:

Roll up your garments. This helps optimize room and minimize wrinkles.

Store it in packing cubes. Having small bags inside the suitcase helps you compact your clothes and keep your outfits tidy.

Try the layering technique. Carefully wrap each item of clothing around a core: Layered garments, with underwear and shirts in the center, and large garments, such as jackets and dresses, on the outer layer.

5. Keep Liquids Within Easy Reach

“Toiletries should always go to the top of the suitcase, in a clear bag, because you never know when security officers will want to take a look,” said Matthew Klint, frequent flyer and expert on cardholder reward programs who write the blog Live and Let’s Fly.

6. Never Unpack Your Toiletries

“I recommend always having a bathroom product kit ready for travel,” said Marie Kondo, author of The Magic of Order: Tools to tidy up your home – and your life! Kondo explained that having a bag already packed with all the toiletries you use also confirms that you don’t forget the contact lens case or toothbrush you might require on the morning of departure. “Keep those products into a small case or box, so they’re on hand when you are ready to pack for a trip.”

To narrow down the list of what you require for that luggage, consider most of the items such as BB creams, which combine foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen. To prevent something from spilling, use a double plastic bag when items are left in your suitcase.

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